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  • sharon banfield (Tuesday, February 06 18 05:04 pm GMT)

    I loved visiting the exhibition last week and was desperate to visit before it ended! It was a real jewel in Stockport's crown and what strikes me is the professionalism and skill of the team at Strawberry,( a real family) and the wonderful music that was made there. It was very touching as there was a real feeling of love and affection interweaved in the exhibition, for what was achieved, it clearly was a very special place to be. Thank you xx

  • John North (Sunday, January 21 18 09:37 pm GMT)

    Well done Peter for helping bring this to reality. I know it has been a huge thing in your lifetime; it was very influential on mine, and to see CJ’s jumper again took me right back !! Thanks

  • Lee (Friday, September 08 17 09:07 pm BST)

    Interesting exibition indeed but there is no mention of the Belgian band The Names, who recorded Nightshift at the studios and there debut album swimming

  • Mark, Milton Keynes (Monday, July 17 17 09:29 am BST)

    My second visit, fascinating exhibition on Strawberry's contribution to the Manchester music scene. Let's hope Blossoms keep to their promise to re-open the studios for future local talent! Look out for the extra display on level 1 which wasn't there on our first visit.

  • Chris G (Monday, April 17 17 06:57 pm BST)

    Many happy returns Strawberry Studios. What a fabulous exhibition celebrating different genres across 2 decades. Rekindled so many happy memories. Thank you so much for putting on this fabby exhibition...it did however make me feel old!

  • Brian Kotz (Friday, March 24 17 03:30 pm GMT)

    I took a special trip to Stockport on March 9th to visit the exhibition - first port of call after arriving from London, of course, being Waterloo Road to see the great building itself before heading to the Market Place. The exhib itself was marvellous...as complete a story as it could be, with so much to see, hear and learn. As a fan of over 40 years, the 10CC section was perfect. The second room was the real eye and ear-opener as to the delights (from the sublime to the ridiculous)! of the music made within those walls, presented terrifically well, the technical side was easy to follow as well. I've put the word out to friends that if they're either in the North-West or visiting, and have any interest at all in popular music, they must visit. Thank you to the organisers, and the friendly and welcoming staff at the museum. (Btw I explored the town after visiting - as interesting as many cathedral cities, and I hope to be back one day)!

  • Tony Marsden (Sunday, February 26 17 10:21 pm GMT)

    Excellent exhibits and an interesting talk by Dr Peter Wadsworth on my visit a fortnight ago. Also the guest appearance by Peter Tattersall on the 2PM talk was an added bonus to this insight into musical and recording history. A very memorable day out, and I hope to check the exhibition out again later in the year.

  • Lawrence Cody (Saturday, February 11 17 07:42 pm GMT)

    Thoroughly enjoyed my first visit the weekend it opened,returned today to listen to Peter Wadsworth give a fascinating talk,with music clips,about the history of the studios..then spent another hour listening to sound clips,taking pics,learning more..I have always been proud,as a Stopfordian,that Strawberry released some outstanding hit records..which are still regarded as a "classic" many years down the line..and it put my hometown on the recording industry map,and I always got a buzz,back in the 70s(and still do) when I saw the credits on the Lps/45s....
    "Recorded at Strawberry Studios,Stockport,England".and I still get a buzz when I walk past the building..I did though feel disappointed when I saw Strawberry South on records,but Peter today has eased that feeling,and I now understand ..
    I would like to suggest,as Peter mentioned about the problems of names on the plaque.. would it be possible to try and have some plaque of some description,listing all those,well known and not so well known who have recorded there,maybe on the building,near the blue plaque.say the side wall for eg..I feel it would be a tribute to all those who have contributed,to putting Strawberry on the map..
    I would like to add,the recording of "Stockport",by Frankie Vaughan.I believe was recorded at the Plaza with a mobile unit, then mixed,and released from Strawberry,can anyone confirm this?...
    I will be back to have another look,and certainly tell friends, I have posted pics and promoted the exhibition on Facebook,because I firmly believe the exhibition deserves to be a great success..Thanks for helping me to re-live my youth..wonderful...WELL DONE to everyone..

  • John Orchard (Friday, February 10 17 10:37 pm GMT)

    My memories of Strawberry are two-fold.
    Firstly, being totally blown away by the sound of the recording being played back by Peter Tattersall in the mixing room after a take. Bearing in mind that the only sound of records we'd heard prior to this was listening to our own 45's on a Dansette record player at home, suddenly we were in a professional recording studio with the most amazing sound system. Thanks to Peter for his sterling work!

    Secondly, after Shep's Banjo Boys had recorded our first single (Half Time Whistle in 1969) at Strawberry, Bernard Herrman - flautist and conductor of the NDO (currently being seen conducting the orchestra in the pit of the City Varieties in Leeds on BBC4 on the re-runs of 'The Good Old Days') strolled in with a piccolo in his pocket and double-tracked over what we had laid down. Did it in one take. Popped his piccolo in his top pocket and left the building. What a pro!

  • Kevin Godley (Tuesday, January 31 17 08:51 am GMT)

    Strawberry was the incubator that nurtured whatever musical talents were already in our collective DNA and it gave us the freedom, space and tools to discover our unique audio identity

  • Graham Gouldman (Monday, January 30 17 04:09 pm GMT)

    I am so pleased and proud to see Strawberry Studios get the recognition it deserves.
    Thank you to Peter Tattersall and Eric Stewart for having the foresight to start such a venture at a time when London was the only place to have proper recording facilities, and I was very happy to become a partner in the studio without which, and this is no exaggeration, 10cc would never have existed.

  • Ian Tatlock (Friday, January 27 17 04:06 pm GMT)

    Visited the magnificent exhibition twice today and I really enjoyed it. Excellent, well presented, well explained artefacts give a real sense of what Strawberry Studios were all about. Inspired to listen to nothing else except the first four 10cc albums and 'Consequences' ever since I left. Thanks to everybody involved in setting this up - it's outstanding. I'll be back!

  • Eamonn Murphy (Wednesday, January 18 17 10:04 pm GMT)

    Looks like this will be a great exhibition - can't wait!

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